Types of Basic Slimming Wraps

Types of Slimming Wraps

Types of Basic Slimming Wraps

As You Know Effective weight loss is the dream of almost every woman. Special body wraps will help to achieve the desired result. The wrapping technique has become known since antiquity. The legendary Cleopatra used this procedure to prolong her youth and keep her skin firm.

After tens of centuries, wraps have not lost their popularity. But what is their secret? It’s simple, in addition to losing weight, the technique has a great effect on our health, improving the condition of the skin, removing toxins and increasing immunity.

From what are slimming wraps made?

Due to the fact that it is very simple to make them, wraps have held the leading position in popularity for more than a dozen years.

 Types of Slimming Wraps

Wraps special mixture of the necessary ingredients is needed is to apply a composition to the skin in an even layer, which will have a beneficial effect on the skin and help in the destruction of excess subcutaneous fat. After that, it is required to tightly wrap the treated area with cling film. After is needed to put on something warm on top or wrap yourself in a towel. It’s that simple. The exposure time will depend on the composition you are using.

To increase effectiveness, cleanse your skin with a peel or scrub before wrapping. If you remove the upper stratum corneum, the effect of the composition will be stronger…

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How do slimming wraps work?

Remove excess water!
When wrapping, you cover the problem areas with a special compound and wrap yourself with plastic wrap. The result is a greenhouse effect: the skin temperature rises, the pores open and active sweating begins. Thus, the body gets rid of excess fluid, and you lose several hundred grams in one procedure. The effect will not be long lasting. You can support it by doing wraps in courses: every other day for two weeks or every 3-4 days for a month.

Accelerate metabolism
Cold wraps cause the body to waste extra calories in heating.

Tighten the skin
Moisturizing components of the mixture actively nourish problem areas of the body. And the skin saturated with moisture becomes smoother and more elastic, acquires an even color. To consolidate the effect, after wrapping, lightly massage the skin with your hands or a washcloth in the shower and apply the cream.

The wraps will relieve swelling, moisturize the skin and help you lose weight. But without diet and exercise, you won’t be able to lose weight much.

Advantages of slimming wraps?

 Types of Slimming Wraps

-No age restrictions

– If you cleanse the skin with a scrub before the procedure, and take, for example, a bath with sea salt, as well as combine the wrap with massage – your desired goal of losing weight and getting rid of cellulite is achieved faster!

– Can be done at home

– The necessary components that are needed for the procedure can be bought at the pharmacy

Disadvantages of Slimming Wraps?

– Contraindicated for people suffering from heart disease, hypertension, as well as problems in gynecology

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Varicose veins, open wounds 

-Pregnancy – none of the wraps should be performed during pregnancy

– Breastfeeding. It is not recommended to carry out wrapping during the breastfeeding period, as the substances penetrate the skin and affect the milk composition

Types of slimming wraps…

Different types of body wraps have different purposes.

 Types of Slimming Wraps

The result when wrapped is not long in coming. Fat literally comes off before our eyes and favorite things sit down easily. For many years, the most popular types of procedures have been:

  • Seaweed wraps;
  • Oil wraps;
  • Mud wraps;
  • Wraps with blue clay;
  • Honey wraps, etc.

Important moment before doing slimming wraps…

  • Check if you have an allergic reaction. Apply a small amount of the composition to the skin and wait for a while. If there is no reaction, then you can apply the product to the places that you want to correct.
  • To make the result noticeable, you need to do wrapping courses. Perform the procedure every two days. At least 10-14 times…
  • Typically, the mixtures of slimming wraps are applied to the legs, abdomen and upper arms – areas that are most often affected by swelling and body fat.
  • It is highly undesirable to cover the neck, shoulders, chest with a film: the delicate skin of these areas requires delicate care.

Whichever type of slimming wrapping you choose, remember that this is only one method from a set of different actions that contribute to weight loss.

Wrapping alone will not lead to a dream figure. Do not forget about proper nutrition, daily routine and physical activity.

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