Anorexia or Sharp Weight Loss.

Anorexia or Sharp Weight Loss

Anorexia or Sharp Weight Loss

What is Anorexia or Sharp Weight Loss?

Eating disorders and excessive food restrictions can be life-threatening. Such phenomenon is called ANOREXIA.

“Anorexia” in Greek means abstinence from food and dislike of anything edible. The main symptom of anorexia is the desire to become as slim as possible due to fasting. I will tell you how to distinguish anorexia or sharp weight loss from passion and a healthy lifestyle.

Anorexia or Sharp Weight Loss

Very often, girls from 14 to 25 years old have anorexia or sharp weight loss.

Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Victoria Beckham, Mary-Kate Olsen had anorexia.

At the same time, it is almost impossible to determine anorexia only by external signs. If you notice anorexia symptoms in your loved ones, they most likely need the help of a specialist.

Anorexia and Sharp Weight lost causes…

There can be several reasons for the occurrence of anorexia, and very often we can find a combination of these reasons. For example, it can be a genetic reason. Or it can manifest itself under unfavorable conditions – with an improper diet or due to stress.

Social factors are the cult of thinness in the fashion industry. It leads to the fact that young people begin to consider themselves ugly if their figure does not meet model standards. Every lost kilogram is perceived as a personal victory. This struggle for every kilogram helps to raise their self-esteem, which is lowered due to previous cases where you had to give up.

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Anorexia Symptoms…

How can you understand if you or your child has anorexia? There are a number of worrying symptoms:

  • Sharp weight loss
  • Lying about the amount of food you eat
  • Dodging social contacts
  • Following a strange diet
  • Vomiting after eating
  • Using of dietary drugs or laxatives
  • Constant training
  • Weakness
  • Constant sleepiness
  •  Menstruation Delays

Anorexia is diagnosed if body weight is at least 15% lower than expected body mass index. Despite all diets are poor in fats and cholesterol, anorectics have high cholesterol and triglycine levels in the blood, which is due to abnormal liver function and low bile secretion. Since the amount of food that anorectics consume during the day is small, there is a deficiency of essential nutrients, primarily essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, which lead to a wide variety of health problems.

Physical consequences of anorexia:

  • Intestinal ulcers
  • Stomach ulcers
  • Serious damage of kidneys and liver
  • Dizziness, fainting, headaches
  • Osteoporosis
  • Anemia
  • Infertility
  • depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feelings of guilt and shame
  • Broken relationships with family, broken social ties
  • Mood swings

Treatment of Anorexia and Sharp Weight Loss?

Anorexia or Sharp Weight Loss

Anorexia is very difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat. This requires the joint work of a psychiatrist and other medical specialists, but above all – a desire to recover from the patient himself.

Treatment of anorexia begins with the awareness of the presence of the disease, a person should be motivated to do something good for himself/herself.

If such a breakdown  occurs and the person realizes that he/she is sick and wants to change something, it is necessary to start systematic psychotherapy. The whole family or at least one family member should be involved in the treatment process, because the therapist alone can not cope with this.

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Anorectics should take food 3-4 times a day at a clearly set time, the intervals between meals should not exceed 3-4 hours. It is also recommended to keep a food diary.

Anorexia or Sharp Weight Loss

IMPORTANT! If you do not start timely treatment of anorexia with the right drugs, psychiatric methods, and, if necessary, in a hospital, the case may end up with the patient’s death!

Anorexia is a severe mental illness with the highest mortality rate among other mental disorders.

About 60% of anorectics are completely cured as a result of a therapy. Approximately 20% of patients are unable to get rid of the eating disorder and remain overweight with an immediate threat of death. 

Now you know how to prevent anorexia and sharp weight loss. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!