Essential Hair Loss and Diets?

Hair Loss and Diets?

Essential Hair Loss and Diets?

To gain “ideal weight”, and even as quickly as possible, we are often ready to take drastic measures, not always paying attention to strict or even dangerous diets, although we have heard more than once that they are very harmful…

For the body itself, drastic weight loss is stressful. Nutritionists do not recommend losing more than one kilogram per week. Losing more weight, of course, provided that the woman is not obese, leads to a lack of proteins and imbalances in minerals. Alopecia and foliation of nails are then guaranteed to you.

Many women begin to notice increased hair loss during and shortly after dieting. How to lose weight without harming your hair? What to eat for hair? And is it possible to have both a slender figure and thick hair? We will answer in this article.

Hair Loss and Diets?

Why does hair fall out when people have diet? The answer is very simple. Most choose their diet without consulting with a nutritionist, after reading advice in the Internet or hearing from friends. These types of diet are usually unbalanced and can lead to not only hair loss, but other health problems as well.

Moreover, hair may not begin to fall out immediately, but several weeks or even months after the start of the diet, when the supply of nutrients in the hair follicles is completely desolated.

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What products should I eat to have thick hair and prevent hair loss?

Our hair vitally needs amino acids, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamins D and group B. A deficiency of these substances can lead to deterioration of hair quality and hair loss.

Therefore, a hair diet should include the following foods:
– meat (when you are on a diet, choose lean poultry or beef);
– salmon;
– seafood;
– vegetable oil;

Hair Loss and Diets?

– nuts;
– oat flakes;
– eggs;
– dairy products, including cottage cheese;
– fresh fruits and green vegetables, carrots, leafy greens;

To maintain healthy and thick hair, you should not completely eliminate these foods from your diet. You can just simply reduce your consumption.

Hair Loss and All Diets?

The most dangerous diet, harmful both for hair and for the body as a whole, is a mono-diet, in which you can eat only one product (for example, buckwheat or kefir diet). Diets that completely eliminate either fats, carbohydrates, or proteins are also dangerous for hair health.

Our hair needs a variety of substances, so no mono-diet can satisfy their needs.

Any diet should be varied and balanced, and weight loss occurs primarily by reducing portions, changing the frequency and timing of meals. If you are experiencing serious weight problems or have not been able to cope for a long time on your own, then the best solution is to consult a dietitian who can choose a diet that is right for you.

Moreover, as a rule, a nutritionist will adjust your usual diet, and you will not have to change your dietary habits much. But you will be able to maintain healthy thick hair…

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Any diet, as a rule, is also accompanied by the intake of vitamin and mineral complexes and dietary supplements, since you begin to consume fewer foods that are not able to contain the required amount of nutrients.

Hair Loss and Diets?

Another secret that will surely allow you to maintain thick and beautiful hair during and after a diet is the use of topical nourishing serums that are applied to the scalp and directly deliver beneficial substances to the hair follicles.

Unfortunately, nutrients from foods and supplements do not always reach the hair roots. Very often they are completely consumed in the body for other more important purposes. But topical serums will definitely work only on your curls and provide the necessary nutrition for your hair.

A balanced diet, supplementation and topical serums are a reliable formula for a slim figure and beautiful hair! main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!

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