4 Most Dangerous Diets

4 Most Dangerous Diets

4 Most Dangerous Diets

We want our figures to meet certain requirements and standards so that you can wear tight pants, a tight dress or short shorts. Many people start following very strict diets to achieve the effect.

However, any diet is a restriction of nutrients and deprivation of the body of certain substances. And some types of diets are completely dangerous for a person and his health. Which diets are the most harmful and why? Read The Top 6 most dangerous diets for health.


4 Most Dangerous Diets

Mono-diets are those types of diets in which for a certain time – usually a week or more – you need to eat only one type of food, excluding all the others, with the exception of liquid in the form of water or tea.

Sometimes in such diets, a slight inclusion of other foods is allowed, but usually the time spent on this diet increases. Examples of mono-diets are buckwheat, watermelon, apple, kefir, dates and all others, where the base is one specific product.

Of course, if you drink kefir or eat buckwheat for one or two days, there will be no harm to the body, this is called a fasting day. But with diets, this eating style extends for one to two weeks, excluding, among other things, salt and sugar.

This deprives the body of nutrients for building the body and renewing cells, losing weight is achieved at a too expensive cost for the body. And when leaving the diet, after returning to the usual diet, the kilograms can return with a margin.

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Many of the mono diets lead to digestive diseases or metabolic disorders due to a sharp increase in certain components in food. So, with citrus diets, fruit acids irritate the walls of the stomach and intestines, cause their inflammation and the development of gastritis or colitis. 

2.Protein Diet

4 Most Dangerous Diets

We know that we get fat from excess carbohydrates, which are converted into subcutaneous fat. Based on this fact, carbohydrates are sharply limited in the diet, including from vegetables and fruits, the emphasis is on meat and fish products.

Due to the reduction of carbohydrates in the form of bread, pasta and cereals, a sharp restriction of vegetables and fruits and the predominance of meat in food, the weight really starts to go away. But health leaves with it …

An excess of protein puts a heavy load on the kidneys, which can cause the formation of stones in them, carbohydrates in the body begin to form from protein, since the body cannot live without carbohydrates.

But when protein is converted to carbohydrates, the body produces several toxic metabolic products that poison the body. Due to this, fatigue, weakness and headache arise, complexion deteriorates, metabolism is disturbed. In addition, scientists from Colorado have proven that women on a protein diet are one third more likely to suffer from infertility.

3. Hormones Diet

4 Most Dangerous Diets

It is known that a special hormone of the placenta, human chorionic gonadotropin effects the activation of metabolism and the burning of fat cells. A slimming and metabolism-stimulating effect was noted in somatotropin which is a growth hormone.

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However, there are no fully confirmed data on the effectiveness and safety of the methods, and there are side effects for such weight loss diet – stimulation of the ovaries, activation of tissue growth, and the appearance of tumor transformations. Therefore, the use of hormones for weight loss is dangerous!

4.Thai Pills Diet

4 Most Dangerous Diets

Contrary to advertising about harmlessness of Thai pills for diets and natural ingredients, they contain eggs of parasites, which turn into worms in the intestines and eat part of your food, poisoning your body.Thai pills for diets can be the strongest psychotropic substances, mixed with herbal ingredients of a laxative what cause choleretic effect.

At many countries These pills are equated to narcotic drugs, their use and distribution is punishable by law. They have a very negative effect on the brain, liver and digestion. Maybe you will lose weight with their help , but the harm to health cannot be compared with the loss of even 5-10 kg of excess weight!

Of course, not all diets are dangerous, so the choice of a diet should be approached consciously and only after consulting with your nutritionist.

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