How to Lose Weight Easy and Keep your Skin Elastic. 4 Tips

How to Lose Weight and Keep your Skin Elastic. 4 Tips

How to Lose Weight and Keep Your Skin Elastic.4 Tips!

When the number of extra kgs that you need to get rid of is over ten, the main thing is not how to lose weight right, but how to do it right and keep your skin elastic!

How to Lose Weight and Keep your Skin Elastic. 4 Tips

People who have lost 20 kilograms or more often post their photos exclusively in clothes, since what is hidden under it does not look so photogenic as to put it on public display. Experts believe that losing weight without impressive skin folds is quite possible.

After all, the main problem of people who have extra weight is the folds of skin and stretching marks that remain in the place of the former kilograms. Today we will be looking for an answer to the question of how to lose weight and keep your skin elastic.

Reasons why your skin is not elastic?

Here are two layers under the skin: The first layer there is a fat layer, and under it there is already a muscle layer. Both of these layers support the skin and keep it relatively elastic.

How to Lose Weight and Keep your Skin Elastic. 4 Tips

When we start to gain weight, the skin has to stretch and adapt to new conditions – to the increased area of adipose tissue. If the process proceeds too quickly, stretch marks may appear.

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To keep your skin elastic depends on many factors: age, when exactly did you start gaining weight, how much you weighed before and how much you weigh now, whether you lost weight before, and so on…

Keep in mind that skin is more than just a protective tissue that covers our body. It is the largest organ that adapts to the external and internal environment.

Important Tips how to keep your skin elastic?

1.Don’t forget to drink water

This is the first tip how to keep your skin elastic. If you want a firm skin, do not forget to drink the required amount of water per day. Our body is 60% water, so the elasticity of the skin depends a lot on how often we replenish our moisture reserves.

This is a rule for all times and does not only apply to weight loss, but during this stressful period you need to drink even more.

P.S Dry skin is less likely to stay supple and maintain its shape.

2.Regular exercise

Regular weight training (strength training) keeps your skin toned. The American Council on Exercise recommends exercising 2-3 times a week at moderate intensity. These workouts will help to build muscle mass, which should partially fill the resulting difference in weight.

How to Lose Weight and Keep your Skin Elastic. 4 Tips

In addition, physical exercise in itself has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, especially if you take a contrast shower immediately after training and apply special cosmetics or at least olive oil with the addition of citrus aroma oil (if you are not allergic to citrus fruits of course).

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3.Eat right and take vitamins

The condition of the skin and hair depends not only on the cosmetic tricks used, but also on proper nutrition, because it is not for nothing that they say that some diseases and problems can be identified by the skin.

American College of Sports Medicine advises supplementing your diet with foods rich in B vitamins, because they help to maintain skin elasticity.

It is also recommended to eat more protein, fruits and vegetables to keep your skin elastic. In addition, cutting back on carbohydrates, especially “fast” ones, and increasing the proportion of protein foods helps the body burn more fat.

How to Lose Weight and Keep your Skin Elastic. 4 Tips

Additionally, you can take a multivitamin. Usually, complexes designed specifically for the skin contain all the necessary elements, but you should consult with your doctor before purchasing them!

4.Avoid rapid weight loss

Too fast weight loss leads to the fact that the skin simply does not have time to adjust to new conditions and new body sizes. As a result, it becomes flabby and begins to peel off. If you decide to seriously tackle your weight and do it right, your goal is to lose weight by 0.5-1 kg per week, no more. This will help prevent overloading the body and give the time it takes for our skin to adapt to new body sizes.

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