Raw Food Diet to Help You Lose Weight

Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet Guide 

Raw Food Diet is designed to help people eat healthily. The diet can be traced back to the 1800s and was discovered accidentally.

 Maximilian Bircher-Benner, a doctor, discovered Raw Food Diet when he cured his jaundice by eating raw apples.

Raw Food Diet

When he discovered this diet, a series of experiments were conducted on the effect of raw food on the human body.

This caused an evolution in the use of the Raw Food Diet for weight loss and maintenance of weight.

Today, we have various variations of how people make use of the Raw Food Diet. The diet does not involve microwaved, cooked, irradiated, processed, or genetically engineered food.

More than half of the diet comes from raw food. You have to heat plant-based food should not be heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Most followers of this diet are vegans, while some go for raw animal products such as cheese from raw milk, (unpasteurized) milk, raw fish, sashimi, or raw fish.

Proponents of this diet insist that when you cook, the vitamins are obliterated and the immune-boosting nutrients from the plant.

However, there is no scientific evidence to back their claim. People who follow this plan eat only half the calories they could have taken with cooked meals.

Can Raw Food Diet Cause Weight Loss?

People who go for the Raw Food Diet believe that it can help them lose weight. The diet contains fewer calories and can lead to people losing weight.

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The diet is veggies and fruits dominated and can nearly-guarantee that you lose weight. However, it can be a tedious task to prepare because it needs equipment.

You need to invest in a dehydrator, blender, and juicer. You decide how you want your Raw Food Diet to appear. 

We have some tips to help you prepare your diet. Here are some of the tips to help you prepare your Raw Food Diet:

You should fill the pantry with many fresh vegetables and fruit, seeds and nuts, sprouts, including raw almond butter, sunflower seeds, and cashews.

Find the foods that are marked as raw at grocery stores.

You should fill up on the uncooked grains, including the dried organic legumes like the chickpeas, think lentils, mung beans, and adzuki beans. They should be eaten raw.

Raw Food Diet

Include flavor through condiments like raw coconut butter, cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil; and raw virgin coconut oil.

You slip on the herbal tea and freshly squeezed vegetable juice.

If you want to use the Raw Food Diet for your weight loss, you should invest in a dehydrator that will create crunchy sweet potato chips from peeled and sliced sweet potatoes.

The next things to buy are the blender and food processor to help you with your raw chocolate chip cookies and juices.

For people who want a sweet taste, they can go for dried fruits. However, you have to spend time in the kitchen to dehydrate the fruit.

How much does the Raw Food Diet cost?

We know that the Raw Food Diet is expensive. The organic ingredients cost more and you still need good appliances. 

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The high-end blenders can cost between $300 to $700, food processors can go up to $700, while dehydrators cost up to $100 to $200.

Raw Food Diet

For people who want to lose weight, the Raw Food Diet can help them achieve this if they follow the rules. 

The Raw Food Diet may be hard to follow. The reason is that raw foods can be a vague concept that people interpret differently.

You decide what you want from this diet. Remember that preparing the Raw Food Diet can be tedious.

You have many things to do in the kitchen while preparing this diet. You have blending, smoothies, sauces, including dehydrating your ingredients to create cookies and crackers. 

Do not forget that this diet can be highly inconvenient for users. You cannot get them in most places, especially at restaurants.

The raw or organic food grocery stores can be your best bet to find your Raw Food Diet. Are you looking for these raw meal recipes?

We have many of these recipes scattered online. This diet is strictly controlled by you because you may not get what you want from other places. 

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