TOP Benefits of Pedal Exerciser. 3 Popular Types

TOP Benefits of Pedal Exerciser

TOP Benefits of Pedal Exerciser

Many newcomers of the gym believe that it is enough to just start using the pedal exerciser, and the result will not be long in coming.

So it is, but only in part. Indeed, otherwise, there would not be hundreds and thousands of recommendations on the use of each simulator for different body types, athlete’s weight, goals and other conditions.

From the above, a simple conclusion follows: before talking about the effectiveness of training, it is necessary to determine the goal, master the technique and stock up on remarkable patience.

OP Benefits of Pedal Exerciser. 3 Popular Types

How does Pedal Exerciser work? What is the technique?

An intuitive understanding of the principle of action of the structure, as well as its effect on the muscles, is great, but only after you have mastered the correct technique for building and conducting the training process.

If you know how to ride a bike, then you have to readjust, as there are only two similarities between an exercise bike and a bicycle – pedals and name 😀

The technique for performing the exercises themselves is strikingly different. It can be divided into several categories.

1.The correct distribution of the load when working with an exercise bike is an important aspect, which determines whether you can gain muscle mass or burn fat, what will be the load on the joints and on the heart.

2.Determine the optimal resistance of the pedals. Here you need to be guided by your feelings, since in order to burn fat, it is more effective to use the same resistance throughout the entire workout.

It should be such that you pedal lightly, but feel the tension when you apply the effort. By choosing a higher degree of resistance, you move on to strength training, using the stationary bike as a leg press.

This method is less effective at burning fat, but spurs anabolism and forms new nerve connections in the muscles of the legs.

3.Define a workout program. The benefits of a pedal exerciser are different, depending on whether you pedal with one resistance or change it throughout your workout.

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In the second case, you put a big load on the cardiovascular system and develop muscle endurance indicators, laying in them the task of forming glycogen reserves.

The benefits of an exercise bike are as follows:

  • The body’s endurance is significantly increased. It becomes much stronger, more resistant to stress;
  • The shape of the hips and abdomen is improved due to active muscle training. It is the exercise bike that is better than others that is able to correct the area of the hips, since the main load during exercise goes to this area;
  • The nervous system is stabilized. If you practice on a stationary bike at a moderate pace to your favorite music, this will allow you to relieve stress, find peace of mind, calmness, and get emotional relaxation;
  • Unlike a treadmill, it is less traumatic, since there is a softer load on the ankle and knee joints;
  • As a result of exercise on a pedal exerciser, the mobility of the joints improves, the figure becomes more refined and feminine;
  • Training strengthens the heart, has a positive effect on the work of the circulatory and respiratory systems;
  • Competent load on the muscles of the back and legs has a beneficial effect on posture and is even able to change it, the body becomes more resistant to minor injuries;
  • You will use up a sufficient amount of energy, respectively, a lot of extra calories are burned. Most modern simulators themselves show the number of calories that you have been able to burn;
  • The benefits of an exercise bike are great, but you should not forget that any sport has its limitations and contraindications;

Warnings of a pedal exercises

Your training can have a negative outcome only if you have certain injuries or chronic diseases.

For example, it can be tachycardia, asthma, heart failure. You should not deal with a cold or having an acute form of any infectious diseases…

Sports are contraindicated in the presence of a high temperature.

You should not neglect your health, because negligence can provoke the development of an existing disease with renewed vigor or stimulate the emergence of some new one. Plus, exercising when you’re not feeling well can worsen your overall health.

The level of load should correspond to physical capabilities. You should not resort to overly complex training programs that are not yet available for your physical fitness at this stage. It is impossible to get a quick high-quality result simply by overloading the body.

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Heart Rate and Pedal Exerciser

Monitoring your heart rate while exercising on a stationary bike is a must. Based on these numbers, you can determine the effectiveness of your workout for various purposes.

  • 100-120 beats per minute is the average heart rate, indicating minimal physical activity. It is adhered to when warming up or cooling down, but not for other purposes
  • 120-150 beats per minute – ideal heart rate for fat burning. It is at this rate of work of the heart that the human body works in optimal mode. Fat is broken down, converted into energy and does not affect muscle tissue
  • 150-180 beats per minute – This is the heart rate range during heavy strength training. It is critical but essential for active muscle growth. If you exceed the bar of 180-200 beats per minute, slow down the pace of intensity and catch your breath.

Timing when using Pedal Exerciser

  1. 10-20 minutes – this type of training segment is used by athletes as a warm-up before training. This is a great way to warm up your joints and ligaments, as well as spur metabolism, in order not only to minimize the chance of injury, but also to increase the percentage of efficiency
  2. 45-60 minutes – the goal of such a workout is fat burning. The benefits of the simulator for women who want to lose weight are enormous in this regard.
    The workout takes place in a comfortable environment, you feel how high its effectiveness is. And it’s not so much about fatigue as it is about sweating in the process, which is an excellent indicator.
  3. 25-30 minutes– it is ideal to use this type of training on a stationary bike, after strength training, combined with the intake of sports nutrition (protein isolate or amino acids) and consuming at least a liter of water in half an hour.
    Thus, you will not only be able to effectively accelerate the circulatory system, stimulating the process of muscle recovery, delay catabolic processes and burn a small percentage of fat, but also raise your threshold of endurance and explosive strength to new levels

How often do you need to practice?

If you use a pedal exerciser or elliptical trainer for weight loss, rather than strengthening the body or supporting health, then the frequency should be increased by 2-3 times. 

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You don’t need to exercise every day – the body needs time to rest and recover.

Beginners who decide to lose weight on a daily cycling quickly burn out and lose interest in sports, as they do not see results in a short time.

When the load that the cardio equipment does not suit you, you can add other physical activity. For example, abs, squats, or dumbbell exercises.


So, the purpose of acquiring an exercise bike is indicated.

What to do next? Consider the following parameters for your future pedal exerciser:

Cost If there are no restrictions – choose an exercise bike pumped from all points of view and very comfortable with a magnetic type of pedal load
Size Remember that you should first of all fit in the apartment, and only then the exercise bike; if it can be folded, great
Your maximum weight that the pedal exerciser can withstand Always written in instructions
The shape of the seat and its “softness Depends on you
Computer “tuning” Better to choose a model with a heart rate sensor, calorie counter and distance traveled, various training programs and even a couple of mega-options like a video player
Seat and steering wheel adjustment Important options for good trainings


Types and load levels of pedal exercises?

Depending on the type of load on the pedals (and they should not scroll too easily, otherwise there will be no point in training), there are 4 main groups of exercise bikes.

1.Exercise belt pedal exercises– braking is generated by a mechanical pedal-flywheel-belt system.

TOP Benefits of Pedal Exerciser

Pluses  Minuses
  • Low Price
  • Noisy
  • Easily Assemble
  • Weak computer unit with sensors
  • You can assemble it by yourself
  • The belt will require replacement over time


2.Inertial Pedal exercises– braking is created by the mechanical system “pedals – flywheel – pressure pads”.

TOP Benefits of Pedal Exerciser

Pluses Minuses
  • Best real bike riding simulators
  • Very Noisy

  • Smooth running provides gentle braking


  • Expensive
  • Selection of professional athletes
  • Not disassembled for storage

3.Electromagnetic pedal exercises– are similar to magnetic bikes but require an electrical connection. In addition, their load is regulated not by a permanent magnet, but by an electromagnet.

TOP Benefits of Pedal Exerciser

Pluses  Minuses
  • Even load distribution
  • Significant power consumption
  • Built-in programs allow not only to monitor the load level, but also to regulate it


  • Compact


In conclusion, I would like to tell you that the Pedal Exercisers are effective for weight loss and home workouts.

Especially when combined with a low-calorie diet and alternating activity and rest.

Losing weight is possible if you adhere to the cardio training program and the set duration. A noticeable result will appear in 1-2 months.