What is a cheat meal and how to do it correctly? BEST 3 Answers

What is a cheat meal and how to do it correctly? BEST Answer

What is a cheat meal and how to do it correctly?

Rigid rejection of unwanted food often leads us to uncontrollable breakdowns, nullifying all the efforts.

 All athletes who are forced to constantly be within the limiting framework of the regime, and those who want to get rid of extra kg, men and women consider the most difficult task to abstain from their favorite treats. However, few people know that there is one simple but effective solution to this problem called cheat meal.

What is a cheat meal and how to do it correctly? BEST Answer

Literally from English, it concept means “diet violation”. As a rule, cheat meal replaces one meal once a week, and preferably in the morning.

If we talk about what a cheat meal is in weight loss and bodybuilding, we mean a violation that was foreseen and planned. The fact is that, subject to a certain nutritional system, the body after a while gets used to the received amount of trace elements. At first, the body loses extra kg, but gradually the trend decreases, and weight loss stops.

In this case, the body needs another shake-up and stimulation of metabolism – this is exactly what the cheat meal is for, the function of which consists of two most important aspects:

  1. Physiological (unloading the digestive tract, accelerating the thyroid gland);
  2. Psychological (stress relief in order to avoid breakdowns).

Why do we need Cheat Meal?

From the point of view of physiology, the planned inclusion in the diet of high-calorie food intake in a new way shakes the stagnant metabolism. Morally and emotionally, this departure from the rules satisfies the psychological urge to indulge in something forbidden.

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What are the reasons why you need a cheat meal? It is easier for a person to adhere to proper nutrition when he knows that a pleasant reward awaits him on the appointed day. In addition, this approach makes it easier to return to the diet.

What is a cheat meal and how to do it correctly? BEST Answer

Cheat meal – is that the rule or the exception?

Of course, it has its pros and cons, but the main thing is that it should be a choice made by you in accordance with the set tasks.So, for people striving to lose weight and for those who are trying to gain weight, cheat meal rules will differ in the frequency of “belly holidays”.

For those who are getting rid of excess kg, it is recommended to arrange such a joyful event for themselves no more than once every 2-3 weeks. Cheat meals when gaining mass are allowed to be organized once a week.

Cheat Meal Menu

What matters is not only how and when to cheat, but also food included in this meal. A cheat meal on a low-carb diet should make up for the severe energy deficit that a losing weight person experiences. Therefore, it is advisable that it consists of high-carb meals. What to eat for cheat meal?

What is a cheat meal and how to do it correctly? BEST Answer

Pizza, sushi, cake or ice cream, or favorite French fries… The main thing is that the allowed one-time intake does not develop into a prolonged high calorie marathon with unconscious absorption of everything that comes to hand. If only because cheat meal with proper nutrition with a calorie deficit with such a breakdown simply loses its meaning…

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Cheat meal is not a green light for everything harmful and forbidden. Your menu is replaced only once by your favorite delicacy in order to relieve stress and satisfy the body’s psychological need for such a “wrong” product. For this reason, it is not recommended to have a cheat meal with wine, as well as any other alcohol and cigarettes.

Of course, everyone who decides to arrange it will have a question about the benefits and harms of this method. Let’s figure it out together.


  • Due to the fact that cheat meals are a planned violation, you limit the amount of food eaten and are less likely to deviate from the rules;
  • Tolerate diet more easily, have a positive mood;
  • Unload the digestive system, speed up the metabolism, which means you lose extra KG.


  • The risk of complete deviation from the correct diet and, as a result, the loss of all the results of the diet;
  • Weight gain due to carbohydrate loading;
  • Possible bloating and abdominal discomfort.

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