BEST 3 Soup Diets: What Happens To the Body If There are Only Soups?

Liquid Diet: What Happens To the Body If There are Only Soups?

Liquid Diet: What Happens To the Body If There are Only Soups?

Soup is a dish well known to us from childhood.

There are hundreds of recipes of liuid diet to be found around the world: cold, hot, spicy, creamy, revitalizing, and even medicinal. Today they are included in detox and weight loss diets.

The Secrets Of Liquid Diet

You can even eat a small portion of soup, while its calorie content is relatively low. 

The energy value of a soup largely depends on the broth. The least fatty is mushroom, it contains only 4.28 kcal per 100 gr. Vegetable, chicken, fish or beef are also suitable for those who are losing weight. And the fattest soup will be made from pork, in such a broth there are about 40 kcal per 100 gr.

Vegetables, legumes and cereals in soups are a source of vitamins. If the ingredients are not pre-fried, then both in the broth and in the components themselves, it will be possible to preserve a significant part of the nutrients. And some vegetables are even better to eat after heat treatment, for example, carrots, tomatoes and broccoli. And cooked cabbage contains 30% more carotenoids than fresh – these pigments protect cells from malignant transformation.

Liquid Diet: What Happens To the Body If There are Only Soups?

Hot soups are great for warming and giving energy in the cold season, and in the summer you can try one of the “cold” recipes. The components in them are not exposed to high temperatures, which means they retain even more vitamins.

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However, if you do not have gastrointestinal problems, it is not necessary to eat soups regularly. All the nutrients you need can be obtained from regular solid foods.

Benefits of Liquid Diet

First courses are often included in the diet to lose weight. The broth fills the stomach and quickly satisfies hunger. But if the soup is low-fat and with a small amount of ingredients, it also digests quickly, and very soon you will want to eat again. And this provokes overeating. In this case, it is better to immediately eat something more satisfying, but low in calories, such as fish and vegetable salad.

However, some diets consist exclusively of soups. Such a nutrition program assumes that for 7-10 days you will eat only liquid meals. After that, steamed fruits and meat are gradually returned to the diet.

Liquid Diet: What Happens To the Body If There are Only Soups?

When we switch to “liquid” diets from juices, decoctions, soups, the body is rebuilt and does not receive the required amount of dietary fiber. Fiber, for example, in green leaves and vegetables, is a coarse dietary fiber that helps cleanse the body and trigger intestinal motility ( promotion of food along the digestive tract). All this contributes to the normalization of weight…

If you follow the cooking technology – do not use fatty broths, food additives and do not fry vegetables in refined oil – soups can be very useful, including for the figure. They are easy to digest and can quickly satisfy hunger. However, not all of them are nutritious, and you will most likely want to eat something else after lunch. The main thing is that this delicacy is useful.

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Celery Liquid Diet

The celery soup diet is especially popular. Although this vegetable is rich in silicon and fiber, it is not easy to eat exclusively on it: the monotonous food soon becomes boring, moreover, it does not provide enough energy. Moreover, with this regimen, the body lacks protein and fiber, so it can go into fasting mode and maintain weight. And the effect of such a menu is exactly the opposite.

In addition, celery is a strong allergen and is not suitable for everyone. If a person with hay fever (a seasonal allergy to pollen) goes on such a diet for a week, it will put a heavy load on the immune system, the nutritionist warns.

Broccoli Soup

Liquid Diet: What Happens To the Body If There are Only Soups?

Broccoli soup, as well as other dishes from this cabbage, are indispensable for proper nutrition and are very healthy.

Broccoli is a cabbage from the cruciferous family. Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and kohlrabi are close relatives. Like other varieties, broccoli is low in calories and very high in calcium. In addition, it contains nutrients that help fight cancer.

All this makes it very useful for those on a diet, and broccoli soup will quickly help you lose a few kgs.

Broccoli is especially rich in vitamins C, E and B6, as well as sulforaphane, an anti-cancer agent.

It also contains calcium, so it is very useful for strengthening bone tissue.

Spinach Cream Soup

Spinach contains many vitamins (vitamins C, E, PP, provitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin H) and microelements (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium, etc.). Spinach is a very low-calorie product, therefore it is a must for those who are on a diet. Plus, spinach is high in protein and healthy fiber.

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As with any product, spinach has contraindications. The fact is that spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid. Therefore, the use of spinach is not recommended for people suffering from urolithiasis and other diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. Also, spinach may be contraindicated in people with diseases of the liver, gallbladder, duodenum.

Spinach can be fresh or frozen. Younger spinach leaves are most useful (the younger the spinach leaves, the less oxalic acid they contain).

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