3 Dangerous Consequences of Overeating. Overeating meaning.

Dangerous consequences of overeating

 3 Dangerous Consequences of Overeating.Overeating meaning. 

Overeating is not only a terrible enemy of your shape, but also causes catastrophic damage to your health. Overeating disrupts the work of almost all body systems and organs, and, most importantly, our “main motor” – the heart. The disastrous consequences do not end only there…

Dangerous consequences of overeating?

The most important negative consequence of overeating is overweight problems.

Dangerous consequences of overeating

In addition, age plays an important role in this issue: the older we are, the more difficult it will be for us to maintain normal weight and the more diseases will result in an unhealthy diet.The consequences of overeating are so dangerous that doctors warn: it is better to get up from the table hungry than full. But most people, often end the meal with the words “How FULL I am”. But our body will not say “thank you” for such a well-fed life. Simply because overeating puts a huge burden on all organs.

Overeating and inner organs?

Dangerous consequences of overeating

1.HEART.The consequences of overeating are the first to hit the heart. Overeating organs enlarge, so the heart is forced to work even harder to enrich more space with blood.The muscle walls of the heart increase, and the contractions increase. The natural result of overeating is problems with blood pressure (hypertension).

2.LIVER.This is the second organ that suffers from overeating. When the required amount of fat in the liver is exceeded, it itself turns into their direct source, and soon all cells are filled with fat.

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3.INTESTINES.When overeating, the entire intestinal tract suffers. As a result you can get gastritis with low acidity, cholecystitis, chronic pancreatitis.

Joints, spine and overeating?

In obese people, the hormonal cycle is most often disrupted, since the body lacks the thyroid hormone – thyroxine. Due to its lack, metabolism loses its stability. Women have menstrual irregularities, and men have erection problems. Meanwhile, the treatment for these problems is often just weight loss.

Dangerous consequences of overeating

Overeating is also very difficult for the joints and the spine in particular. The sooner you deal with the habit of overeating, the faster you will rid your joints of premature wear. Remember,that overweight people endure all diseases more difficult than thin people. They take a long time to heal and often suffer from complications.

How much can I eat?

If you fold your palms in a boat and lean against each other, you can roughly imagine how much volume our stomach has in a normal state. But just imagine, how much we eat at lunch – the first, second and compote with cake. HOW does it fit at our stomach? It’s simple.The stomach has folds that are stretching when you eat, so it allows you to eat more.That mechanism was invented by nature.

Dangerous consequences of overeating

So try to eat not as much as you are used to, but half. It will be difficult, but the result will be worth it! Two weeks will pass – and the body, which you greatly facilitate life, will thank you. It is possible that after a while you will forget your past addictions.

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Always eat as much as virtually fits in your folded palms. You can also experiment with the color of the plates – for example, research has shown that food causes less appetite when served on dark blue or black dishes.

Eat less spices, salt and flavor enhancers – they increase your appetite several times, literally forcing you to overeat.

Child and overeating?

Unfortunately, many children are brought up so that it is imperative to finish eating. There is also a stereotype that bread cannot be thrown away. In the past,people finished everything to the end, because there was not much to eat. But nowadays it’s a different matter. Why is it a must to finish if you already feel that you are full and that the next bite is completely unnecessary?

Don’t worry, the child will not let himself starve to death! As a rule, children understand better than adults what they need, how much and when they need to eat – provided, of course, that the wrong eating habits are not instilled in them by adults almost from the cradle. So if you want to see your kids healthy, don’t force them to eat what they don’t want.

Conclusion: Even one-time excess of the permissible amount of food is fraught with serious health consequences.

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