5 Anxious Illnesses and Weight Loss

5 Illnesses and Weight Loss

5 Anxious Illnesses and Weight Loss

For many people, losing ten kilograms without doing anything especially for this is the ultimate dream.

But our bodies strive for constancy, and if you have not changed your lifestyle, diet and amount of physical activity, then the weight should remain approximately stable.

Losing weight is not always a joy: sudden and rapid weight loss can indicate a variety of disorders in the body, sometimes deadly.

5 Anxious Illnesses and Weight Loss

The loss of kilograms can be a signal of an illness that has already begun, but so far it is “hidden” for the eyes, or a person is hiding from others on purpose. Scientists have named several diseases for which weight loss is one of the typical consequences.

Weight loss is generally considered a clinically significant symptom if it exceeds 5% of body weight or 5 kg in 6 months. 

The list of illnesses what lead to weight loss?

1.Mental illnesses

An extremely dangerous option is anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder in which a person refuses to eat.

Many people underestimate its severity: they believe that anorexic can easily control food intake. In fact, this is not so, and anorexia requires an immediate visit to a doctor, its consequences extend not only to the emotional sphere.

5 Anxious Illnesses and Weight Loss

Also, a person’s interest in food can completely disappear with advanced depression.

Another mental illness in which sudden weight loss can occur is schizophrenia. People with schizophrenia have dramatic changes in their perception of tastes and smells, and also have typical everyday problems that affect the quality of food and weight (for example, it becomes an overwhelming task to cook for them).

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2.Inflammatory bowel disease

For this disease, diarrhea is typical, which causes a person to be wary of food, even disgust and, of course, avoidance of it. The special danger of such diseases is that, against their background, the processes in the intestine are accelerated leading to ulcers, fistulas, abscesses, which can rupture the intestinal walls, increasing the risk of dangerous components entering the blood.


With HIV, nutrients in the body are not absorbed properly, so that is why people start losing weight. If weight loss turns out to be rapid, this may mean that another infection has joined HIV, doctors say.

5 Illnesses and Weight Loss

According to doctors, it is extremely important for people with HIV to consume enough protein to maintain muscle mass – the lack of weight prevents the immune system from fighting the virus.


An overactive thyroid gland causes an increase in the basal metabolic rate in the body – a person with hyperthyroidism can begin to lose weight without making any effort.

Perhaps someone will consider that this is a great success, but in fact, the acceleration of metabolism due to a malfunction in the thyroid gland leads to the depletion of the body’s resources and, as a result, to the development of serious complications from the vital organs.

5.Oncological diseases

 5 Illnesses and Weight Loss

Often, the thinness becomes the first visible sign of an existing oncological disease: in 40% of the cases, patients experience unexplained weight loss before doctors announce the diagnosis of cancer. In addition to the fact that a person loses appetite and kg, nausea and vomiting, constipation, loss of taste while eating, difficulty chewing and swallowing may also occur. By the way, it has been noticed that patients with severe exhaustion tolerate chemotherapy and the disease itself worse.

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In addition to these illnesses, rapid weight loss can be caused by type 1 diabetes mellitus, celiac disease, dental problems, and tuberculosis. If you notice a dramatic weight loss that is not related to changes in diet or physical activity, visit your doctor.

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