5 Foods that Increase Weight

Foods that Increase Weight

 Foods that Increase Weight Fast                                                                                    

Do you know about the foods that increase weight? Some of the foods we consume can make us gain weight without our knowledge.

When you want to lose weight, consider what you eat. We have foods that increase weight. These foods are tempting and many of us love them.             

Foods that Increase Weight                         

There are various reasons why people overeat and gain weight; some may be personal or psychological

One of the major causes of weight gain is excessive consumption of calories.

 Now, certain foods are more problematic than others, foods that contain way more calories than others.

 Some of such foods, which are known to be highly fattening, include; French fries, Pizza, processed meat, sugar-sweetened beverages, sweets, and desserts, etc.

Types of foods that increase weight

For those wondering if they are eating foods that increase weight, we have a list of five of these foods. 

Here is the list of the foods that increase weight:

French Fries: French fries are a very popular choice of food, especially when eating out. 

In restaurants, there is always a high possibility of fries being on the menu.

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Take, for instance, chicken and chips, or fries and ketchup, which is a high sugar sauce, etc.

French Fries are among our foods that increase weight. You have to learn how to manage its cravings.

 It is usually a side dish. Now, French fries have an average serving of 139 grams, which practically contains about 427 calories, automatically making it a high-calorie food. 

They also have a high amount of salt and fat in them, which increases the risk of overeating. 

Because once you have a small portion, which is how it is normally served, you’ll be inclined to buy more and more, unknowingly consuming more calories than needed by your body system. 

Foods that Increase Weight

Pizza: Pizza, especially commercially prepared pizzas are one of the most popular junk foods, especially among young people and kids. Pizza is among the foods that increase weight.

 So many people would rather sit at home and order a box of pizza than cook healthy food. Besides, in some cases, it becomes a habit.

 Ordering pizza is great because it is tasty, but it has a very high amount of fat, calories, and carbs.  

There are different varieties of pizza, some of which are made with processed meat, which is yet another food that causes weight gain. Hence pizza can be said to be a known cause of weight gain.

Processed Meat: Processed meats are meats that have been preserved by curing, salting, smoking, drying, canning.

 An example of processed meat is the hotdog, corn beef, and sausages used in the preparation of sharwama and other snacks or food.

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 A high intake of this processed meat in the food we consume, or by direct consumption, will eventually lead to obesity, as well as an increased risk of heart diseases and cancers. 

Foods that Increase Weight

Foods that Increase Weight

Sugar-sweetened beverages: Artificially made sweetened drinks contrary to what people think, are not better than those made with real sugar. 

The foods that increase weight include the beverages that many of us consume daily. 

When in reality, they may be worse for your body system and waistline in terms of weight gain. 

It has been found that faux sugars activate the brain’s pleasure center without satisfying it, which in turn triggers an increased desire for sweets. 

Hence the more you consume these sweetened beverages, the more you get stuck on them. One can a day never be satisfying enough. 

Statistically, people consume more than one bottle a day, and when this habit is repeated daily, the individual runs at a higher risk of being obese.

Sweets and desserts: Sweets and Desserts like cake, Ice cream, lemon tarts, and pudding have a high amount of sugar in them.

 Hence, excessive or unregulated consumption of them can lead to an unplanned increase in weight. These foods that increase weight should be avoided at all costs.

Learn to eat healthy foods. People who consume unhealthy meals tend to add weight more. Ensure that you eat only foods that contain fewer junk components. 

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