HOW to Keep a Food Diary? BEST advice!

HOW to Keep a Food Diary?

HOW to Keep a Food Diary? BEST advice!

What is a Food Diary? Why do we need it?

In the hustle and bustle of working days, we often don’t care what we eat, forget about snacks, sweets which are just capable of playing a cruel joke with our shape. Keeping a food diary competently will help you to keep track of your nutrition, quantity of taken calories. Food Diary will also help to adjust your weight. In addition, in the process of losing weight, the food diary will become an irreplaceable assistant.

HOW to Keep a Food Diary?

When a person cannot lose weight he often blames poor metabolism for everything. It is not correct.

As soon as you start writing down everything you eat, how much physical activity you had per day, it becomes clear what you are doing wrong.

Main goals of a food diary:

How to Keep a food diary?

You can fill out the diary both on paper and electronically. Of course, nowadays,the second method is much more convenient, since now there are a variety of applications, programs that already have ready-made power labels of food diaries.

You will only be required to fill these applications out. In addition to regular tables, applications are equipped with automatic analysis of information received from you.

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HOW to Keep a Food Diary?

But it is not always possible to enter all data in electronic format. Therefore, you can use two methods at once. Let’s say during the day you write down all the information in a notebook, and before going to bed, transfer all the records to a paper food diary. Which way to keep a food diary is up to you.

The content of a food diary?

Keep the table every day, without any gaps! It is important. Only in this way can you fully see the whole situation, understand that you are eating too much and try to eliminate it from your diet. In addition,you will gain a culture of proper nutrition, which will not allow you to regain the lost KG in the future.

HOW to Keep a Food Diary?

 I will tell you which columns a Food Diary should include.

  • Meal time. The purpose of this block is to record all your meals and the intervals between them. Write down the time of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. This will help you understand how often you eat.
  • Products from which the dishes were prepared.
  • Products in grams. You can use a kitchen scale.
  • Liquid. An important element in the process of losing weight! Record how much water you drink during the day, and also indicate any other liquid you drink per day.
  • Physical exercise. Everyone knows that in order to be in good physical shape, have a toned slender body, good quality skin, you need to do sports. Sport combined with diet gives better and faster results.
  • Emotional condition. A very important point. Psychologists say that it is very important to monitor your emotional state while dieting.
  • Total. Сount the total number of calories up.
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How to keep a food diary?

It’s not difficult at all. The main thing is to follow a few simple but obligatory rules.

A very important point! Enter absolutely all data into the table.

Being honest with yourself is an important element in the process of losing weight. I also recommend prescribing the reason why you ate this or that product. It’s important to understand the real reason for overeating. Let’s say it could be just boredom or bad mood, etc.
In addition to all of the above, you can keep records of healthy recipes, tips for skin and body care, sports training. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!