Professions that Cause People to Gain Weight? TOP 8

Professions that Cause People to Gain Weight

Professions that Cause people to Gain Weight? TOP 8

Staying motionless all day is harmful for people. Because of this, the body suffers, working at the computer spoils our eyes. Stress further damages health and can also lead to weight gain. We all know this, but we can not do anything – we have to go to work.

What cause Weight Gain?

54% of the “victims” justify their weight gained by the fact that they are constantly at their desk and that their work does not imply much mobility. But 37% of the respondents noted that extra kg “stick” to them due to stress. And half of the respondents believe that dining at the workplace negatively affects their health. According to the people of motionless professions,the following factors cause excessive weight:

Professions that Cause People to Gain Weight

• (56%) Overeating due to stress

• (35%) Junk food in the office

• (17%) Overeating due to lack of time.

Researchers conducted a survey of people from different professions and found out which ones are most affected by obesity.

What professions gain weight fast?

If you constantly work in the office, and the performance of work duties does not contribute to maintaining peace of mind, then you are at risk. The survey showed that the majority of salaried employees worked in the following positions:

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Professions that Cause People to Gain Weight

1. Office clerk

 Percentage of workers who are overweight: 69%

2. Engineer

Overweight: 56%

3. Teacher
Percentage of teachers who are overweight: 51% . At the same time, we are mostly talking about school teachers and representatives of preschool education.

4. Beautician 

Percentage of overweight beauticians is 51%

5. IT employee
Percentage of overweight patients: 51%

6. Lawyer
Percentage of overweight Overweight: 48%

7. Factory worker 
Percentage of people who are overweight: 45%

8. Scientist
Percentage of workers who are overweight: 39%.

These are the TOP 8 professions which cause people to gain weight.

Why do people of motionless professions(office clerks) suffer more?

Professions that Cause People to Gain Weight

Let’s compare the organization of the workplace today with that of the 1960s. In those days, office life was eminently active. The employees constantly ran back and forth: carried different folders with documents and reports from one office to another, hurried to various events. An energetic and hectic atmosphere reigned in workplaces. In that era, representatives of most professions (both in the field of mental and physical labor) needed to be very active.

Millions of professions, where employees used to constantly rush back and forth at the speed of a cheetah, now sit motionless like sloths. As a result, millions of calories are stored in the waist area.

However, over the following decades, the situation was changed a lot. Whereas in the 1960s about 50% of all professions required at least moderate physical activity, today the number of such professions has dropped to 20%. In the remaining 80% of cases, scientists have found that only minimal activity is required.

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According to the scientific records, these changes have led to the fact that employees now burn 120-140 calories less during the working day.

How to avoid weight gain for people of motionless professions?

Professions that Cause People to Gain Weight

Nowadays, more and more companies are promoting healthy lifestyles among their employees. What are some simple rules to follow in the workplace to maintain good health and an attractive appearance?

1.SAY NO to the elevator. And also periodically “forget” that you have a phone, e-mail, or other programs for sending instant messages to colleagues in the next office. Take a short walk and talk about an interesting idea that came to you instead of writing about it.

2.Follow the principles of healthy eating. Of course, sedentary work indoors is very conducive to the constant desire to chew something. So if the urge to eat is overwhelming, eat fruits, nuts, or vegetables instead of chocolate or cookies. Drink plenty of water and green tea and less coffee.

3.Make your own lunch. Everything that is presented in the menu of cafes and restaurants, of course, is very tasty, but in 90% of the cases it is very high in calories.

4.Exercise while you work. Purchase a swing chair to help maintain tone. Do small breaks to complete physical exercises.

Conclusion: Low levels of mobility causes weight gain, but there are many other factors that contribute to obesity in modern offices. The first step is to detect these factors, and the second is to establish control over them. Some of them affect us clearly (they are as obvious and undeniable as the numbers on the scales), others secretly, surreptitiously. Due to the combined influence of these factors, we get fat.

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Now you know everything about professions which cause people to gain weight. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!

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