Far from Losing Weight 5 Fail Thoughts?

What Thoughts Keep us Far From Losing Weight?

Neither trendy diets not grueling workouts will help you to lose weight if you ignore your psychological conditions causes of excess weight. Simply saying: we can become slim for a long time only when we get rid of the thoughts that generate our excess weight. We have compiled a rating of the most harmful installations that prevent us from losing weight. We explain how to overcome them!

1.Thought № 1: “I already feel good”…

“Extra kg are very easy to get, but it is much more difficult to bring the weight back to normal. Often unsuccessful attempts to lose weight end with the person abandoning venture, and in order to calm yourself and justify yourself in your own eyes, you begin to persuade yourself…

What 5 Thoughts Keep us Far From Losing Weight?

“I’m already beautiful ”,“ They love me like that ”,“ There should be a lot of good people ”…

And meanwhile, being overweight is bad. This is a constant extra load on the joints, which wears out and leads to the development of arthrosis, this is an increased risk of developing sugar diabetes, arterial hypertension, and hence atherosclerosis with its formidable complications – heart attack and stroke.

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2.Thought № 2: “I will fail again”…

Negative experience is often a source of worries and doubts. If you had a bad “weight loss” experience in the past, then it is possible that such negative thoughts may come to you on your next attempt. 

3.Thought № 3:My mom also has a tummy, and I’m like her”…

Yes, losing weight if you are prone to being overweight can be quite difficult. But it’s still possible. It is enough to reconsider eating habits and lifestyle. Relatives “in the body”, of course, can prevent you from moving the weight off the ground – at the very first attempts they will most likely begin to dissuade you from this step and in every way intimidate you. But this problem can be solved.

4. Thought № 4: “I look fat and ugly”…

What 5 Thoughts Keep us Far From Losing Weight?

According to recent research by scientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, our thoughts about being overweight actually contribute to weight gain. So, according to their research, 59% of adolescent girls with normal weight who thought they were overweight actually gained extra kgs in adulthood. So thought is material, so you should not once again complain about the imperfections of your own figure. Moreover, these thoughts, as a rule, provoke us to overeat. It turns out the opposite effect – we do not lose weight, but, on the contrary, we gain weight.

5.Thought № 5″ I’ve been on a diet all my life. And where is the result?”

Almost a third of those who are losing weight sooner or later realize that the process of “throwing off extra kgs” has ceased to be meaningful. Bottom line: self-disappointment and frustration. It turns out to be a vicious circle, from which it is very difficult to get out.

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What 5 Thoughts Keep us Far From Losing Weight?

 It is worth analyzing what does not suit you in life, what should be changed in your behavior, and the like. By doing this, you will understand that you are ready for changes in your own body!

Don’t try to lose weight alone. It is best to contact a weight loss club. There you will be given all the necessary advice and recommendations, you will be surrounded by the same people who want to lose weight, you will support each other, compete, who lost more kg, you will have new friends…

For those who are lonely, the Internet can also come to the rescue. At your service – sites, forums and communities in social networks, where those who lose excess weight communicate. They exchange diets, recipes for healthy food, post their photos showing the success in weight loss and again compete who lost more weight.

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