5 Dangerous Weight Loss Diets

Dangerous Weight Loss Diets

Dangerous Weight Loss Diets You Should Avoid

Dangerous weight loss diets must be avoided if you want to stay away from health issues. We know that most people want to use a diet that can reduce weight fast.

However, when it comes to dangerous weight loss diets, you should be careful about what you use. We are not saying that these diets do not work.

Most of them are effective but come with a price. Why will you want to suffer a health scare after losing weight?

 Dangerous Weight Loss Diets

If you are not careful with the diets you consume for your weight loss, the doctors may end up battling to save your life.

Have you heard of the dangerous weight loss diets like the tapeworm diet? This diet is a few of what people end up taking to lose weight.

Unfortunately, some of them did not live to tell the horrifying side effects of these diets. We have listed some of the dangerous weight loss diets you should know.

Types of dangerous weight loss diets.

Here are some of the dangerous weight loss diets:

The cabbage soup diet

Have you taken this soup before? Relax! The cabbage soup is not as dangerous as the tapeworm diet. 

The cabbage soup diet offers its users fast results. The diet allows you to combine the soup with severely limited diets for a week, and you lose 5kg.

This diet might be effective to lose weight for the short term. However, it is not a long-term eating diet.

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Why is the cabbage soup diet dangerous? The diet is an extremely restrictive diet that has no essential nutrients such as carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Dangerous weight loss diets like this, make people pile on the kilograms faster than they shed it. What this means is that your metabolism will be wrecked after a while.

The ‘Sleeping Beauty’ diet

Dangerous weight loss diets such as the sleeping beauty diet may not be something most people would want to try.

This diet method advocates that you sleep more than necessary. For people who are busy, this diet is a no-deal for them.

When people sleep, they do not eat. Sleeping boosts the metabolic rate of the body. People who use this diet take sedatives to force them to sleep for a long time.

 Dangerous Weight Loss Diets

Why do we consider this diet among the dangerous weight loss diets? You end depriving yourself of essential nutrients. 

Sedatives and sleeping pills can have adverse effects on the user’s body.

Why You Don’t Need Dangerous Weight Loss Diets

Whether the dangerous weight loss diets work or not, you should learn to use what your body can handle. 

For those with serious health conditions, they should consult with their doctors before they embark on any extreme diet.

The baby food diet

Rumor has it that celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson started the baby food diet. Why do we consider this among the dangerous weight loss diets?

The diet involves people consuming 14 jars of baby food that should be followed by a proper meal daily.

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However, this diet was not advertised for people, neither was it written down. It was believed that some Hollywood celebrities followed it.

This diet lacks fibre that helps grown-ups’ bodies function properly. Adults require nutrient-dense and whole food to support their immune system and gut.

The grapefruit juice diet

The grapefruit juice diet is among the dangerous weight loss diets. The reason for its inclusion is simple. The diet was popular in the 1930s. 

 Dangerous Weight Loss Diets

You are required to drastically curb your food intake to at least 1 000 calories per day. You should consume 230ml freshly-squeezed or half a grapefruit with your meal.

The grapefruit is not dangerous. However, the extremely low calories you consume is the problem.

Grapefruit is known to affect medications such as blood thinners.

Arsenic diet pills

Last on our dangerous weight loss diets list is the arsenic diet pills. This is a dangerous diet! The arsenic is poisonous to the human body.

The chemical was believed to speed up the rate of metabolism. It was promoted like amphetamines. 

Arsenic can cause cancer and skin lesions when consumed in any form. 

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