Detox Wraps. The Truth about Detox Wraps. 1 Best Clay Detox Wrap!

Detoxing Wraps.The Truth

Detox Wraps.The Truth! 

What are detox wraps?

The body wrap is one of the components of the detox program. The sessions help to remove harmful substances accumulated by the body from food and the environment. In addition to this, your skin becomes smooth and beautiful.

The dry and sensitive dermis receives the necessary hydration and cleansing. With the help of detox wraps, comedones are gently removed from oily skin, and perspiration returns to normal.

Detoxing Wraps.The Truth

Regular procedures of detox wraps will increase the protective functions of the body, slow down age-related changes in the epidermis. During the wrapping session, the dermis is deeply cleansed and toxins are naturally removed.

Many people try to present this manipulation as an excellent method for getting rid of excess weight. However, this is not quite true. With the help of detox wraps , excess fluid is better removed from the body, for example, through regular sweating. The massage, which is part of the classic detox program, also has a positive effect, removing most of the signs of edematous cellulite. At the same time, magic weight loss will not happen: the 50th size will not turn into the 44th.

Where should I do detox wraps?

The detox wraps are preferable to do at a sauna or at steam bath. The temperature should not be high – soft steam helps to lose weight, remove toxins from the body, makes the skin beautiful and smooth.

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If it is not possible to visit the bathhouse, then the bathtub is also suitable. It is important to warm up the body before starting the session so that the pores open and the metabolic processes in the epidermis are activated.

How often to do detox wraps?

Cleansing with a detox wrap is recommended to be done once a month, and anti-cellulite – once a week. When wrapping at home, you should set aside the whole day for this, do not rush anywhere.

However, you will not regret the time spent: in addition to the beneficial effect on the skin, the detox program will give you an incomparable feeling of lightness, positiveness and purity.

All stages of detox wraps?

1.The first step.

Detoxing Wraps.The Truth

A common part of detox wraps is a removal of the upper stratum corneum. This procedure helps you remove dead cells of the surface layer of the epidermis with the help of exfoliation. This is necessary so that toxins can come out, and useful substances can get inside.

For this steps, scrubs with a soft and hard structure are used. The former consist of small synthetic particles and are used for dry and thin skin. The latter contain small grains of nutshells or shells. They can be used on rather rough areas or on the dermis that is too oily. You can use your own scrub or buy one at a store.

Subdued light, calm music for relaxation, candles will additionally set you up for relaxation and positive emotions. 

2.The second step

 At the end of the treatment, apply a moisturizer to the skin to close the pores. For dry dermis, you should apply a nutrient composition that will help not to dehydrate.

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You can buy the wrapping ready made product or to make it by yourself. It is recommended to buy a wide flat synthetic brush for the procedure. Such a device will significantly save the mixture to be applied.

What are the most popular ingredients for detox wraps?

The most popular ingredients for detox wraps are honey, coffee, clay, cosmetic dark chocolate.

These options are suitable for almost any skin. You just need to take into account that honey is not recommended for sensitive epidermis, and clay has a drying effect. Let’s analyze the most common types of clay.

Popular Clay Detox Wraps?

Detoxing Wraps.The Truth

This type of detox wrap is a simple and effective method of removing toxins and excess fluid. Plus, it helps to restore the balance of minerals. The procedure makes the skin fresh, radiant and beautiful.

Clay cleansing is a very powerful detoxification method. It removes all impurities, microorganisms, residues of various chemicals and makeup from the skin – everything from which you would like to cleanse your skin.

In addition to the listed positive qualities, the detox clay wrap has other properties:

  • The figure becomes slimmer.
  • The liver is cleansed.
  • The epidermis is filled with useful substances.

When applying the clay mask, you will notice that in some places the mass looks much thicker than in others. Don’t be surprised, it’s just that more toxins have accumulated in these areas of the epidermis. It will be necessary to rub these zones a little more intensively in order to wash everything off.

Any clay is very useful for cleansing the face and body from harmful substances.

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However, there are several important points to keep in mind. In particular:

  • Blue clay will help to say goodbyes to cellulite;
  • white helps to restore the skin;
  • gray clay is indicated for sensitive epidermis.

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