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Stomach exercises for weight loss and Stronger Abs

The stomach exercises for weight loss should be able to help you burn belly fat and improve your abs. 

You do not have to visit a gym to achieve stronger abs.

To begin stomach exercises for weight loss, you have to set aside some minutes when you wake up for this workout. 

Stomach Exercises for Weight Loss

If you hate spending time in the gym, you can make use of some of the simple stomach exercises for weight loss, which can be implemented at home.

To lose belly fat, it might seem a daunting experience, especially if you do not know the exercise to use. We have listed a few exercises that can help you with stronger abs.

Types of stomach exercises for weight loss

When you pair the right exercise with clean eating, it is easier for you to reduce your belly fat. Whether you want to go solo or in a group, these stomach exercises for weight loss can help you.


You should lay on the ground with the legs extended fully and the arms stretched out above the head to get the V UPS.

V UPS is among the stomach exercises for weight loss that require you to lift both hands and both legs in the air.

You do this until you reach your hands towards the toes. You form a V shape that should be repeated for 60 minutes.


Bicycle Crunch is achieved when you lie on the floor with a leg extended straight and the other leg bent with the knee pulled in close to the chest.

Your two feet should not touch the ground as you place the hands on the back of the head.


Plank is among the stomach exercises for weight loss you can try. How do you achieve this workout?

1. You should begin on your hands and knees. Find a comfortable place and lower down so the elbows can be on the floor.

You should the elbows directly underneath the shoulders. The next thing to do is to extend the legs out, coming up on your toes and lifting your body into a straight line.

2. You should squeeze your abs, glutes, and legs to stay in a straight line. This type of stomach exercises for weight loss is effective when you hold on for a minute.

Stomach Exercises for Weight Loss


The reverse dumbbell chop is another stomach exercises for weight loss you can use to flatten your belly.

You should stand with the feet hip-width apart, and the knees should bend into a half-squat. The next thing is to hold the dumbbell in both hands to one side.

When you keep your core tight, you have to stand straight up and raise the weight over the opposite shoulder, twisting your torso as you lift.

You have to bring the dumbbell back down, and you should repeat for 30 seconds, and then switch sides.

Effective stomach exercises for weight loss


In this type of stomach exercises for weight loss, you have to lie on the ground with your knees bent and hands positioned underneath the glutes. 

You have to hold the feet up just above the ground with the toes pointed. Bring the legs in close to the chest in one swift motion and push the feet up towards the ceiling.

You should lift the glutes off the floor and repeat for 60 seconds.


You have to enter into a plank position for your stomach exercises for weight loss. You have to place your hands slightly wider than the shoulders.

Stomach Exercises for Weight Loss

The legs have to be extended fully and should rest on the balls of the feet.

While you are keeping the upper body to be in a still position, jump your legs out and then back in. Repeat for 30 seconds.


For the stomach exercises for weight loss that can help you lose the belly fat fast, you can try the stability ball mountain climber position.

The hands should be placed 18 to 24 inches apart on a stability ball, and then bring legs back so you are in a push-up position. 

You have to keep core tight and push the right knee to your chest. You start again and repeat this process with your left knee. main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!


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