Natural Banana and Weight Loss? 3 All Benefits and Harms!

Banana and Weight Loss? All Benefits and Harms

Banana and Weight Loss?

This famous fruit is a rich source of health-promoting chemicals. Plus, it’s a delicious dessert fruit.

The advantages of this fruits are

  • That it gives satiation
  • Increases the work of organs
  • Stimulates brain activity
  • And improves mood.

Undoubtedly, it is a healthy fruit that has benefits for the body.

On the one hand, banana is a very high-calorie fruit (about 100 kilocalories per 100 g of product).

But on the other hand, this fruit carries minimal contraindications and restrictions. For people who are losing weight, a banana snack will become a source of energy before the main meal, the main thing is to know when to stop.

Banana and Weight Loss? All Benefits and Harms

What Banana to chose for weight loss?

This fruit contain resistant starch, especially in unripe green fruits!

There is nothing terrible in this, because this component allows the digestive tract to work better.They have a positive effect on the intestines.

In addition to starch, bananas contain pectin – fiber. As the fruit ripens, its amount increases, making the banana soft and sweet.

 This fruit contain potassium (9% of the daily value), magnesium, and vitamins.

When Should I eat this Fruit to Lose Weight?

This Fruit should never be used as a dessert after the main meal. This applies to any type of fruit. The fact is that in the stomach, when fruits and other food come into contact, the fermentation process begins. From here, bloating is noticed.

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To get around such troubles, it is best to eat it as a snack a few hours after lunch. Also, they can be eaten half an hour before the main meal.

In order not to harm the figure, bananas should be eaten in the morning. Due to its composition, the fruit will help awaken the body from sleep.

Banana and Weight Loss? All Benefits and Harms

Also, this fruits can be consumed for an afternoon snack.

In no case should you eat it at night, as it contains a large amount of pectin and sugars.

Bananas are also a great source of energy after a hard workout. It will not affect the figure and will perfectly replenish energy. It is important that the amount of calories burned is greater than the calorie content of a banana, only in this case the carbohydrates will not turn into fat.

The benefits and harms for weight loss?

During a diet and exercise, the body especially needs serotine – the hormone of happiness, and this fruit will help replenish it.

These yellow fruits are a source of energy thanks to the pectin and sugar in their composition. The calorie content of bananas among other fruits is much higher, but if consumed in the right amount, they will not harm the figure.

To eat or not eat bananas, only a doctor can give an accurate answer, as well as the body of a losing weight person. If you want bananas, this serves as a signal that the body is lacking nutrients and that you need to reconsider your diet.

Banana diet for weight loss!

Banana and Weight Loss? All Benefits and Harms

Many people who want to get a beautiful toned figure and getting rid of extra kg use express weight loss methods.

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One of these methods is the banana diet. This diet is very simple and effective for weight loss. You can eat about one and a half kilograms of bananas per day, as well as drink water and unsweetened tea.

This method of losing weight will allow you to get rid of one kilogram for every day of nutrition. The maximum duration of such a diet is seven days.

If you feel unwell or have a strong feeling of hunger, it is allowed to eat a small piece of boiled lean meat, or a few tablespoons of porridge in the water.

 ATTENTION! Before following this diet consult with your Doctor! main goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals! Be with us!

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