Can being overweight cause blurry vision?

Can Being Overweight Cause Eyes Problems? The Influence of Sport, Nutrition?

Overweight is becoming an increasingly prominent problem among people in developed countries. The further, the more the number of people for whom obesity is accompanied by the onset of more serious health problems, of which heart disease is the greatest danger, grows.

This may sound unexpected, but being overweight can also have a negative impact on vision.

Can excess weight really affect your eyes? and How?

Everyone knows that excess weight affects all organs of our body, but little is known about its effect on the eyes.

And this is strange, since more than one million people on our planet are overweight. With such figures, one would assume that most of the factors of the negative impact of obesity on health have already been studied.

While there is not much material to support the link between obesity and visual impairment, some researchers argue that excess weight is associated with eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic nephropathy…

If a person is overweight, then in addition to the general additional load on the body, it also affects the blood vessels located in the eyes.

Can Being Overweight Cause Eyes Problems? The Influence of Sport, Nutrition?

Since these vessels are very fragile, they are easily damaged, and this can lead, in turn, to deterioration of vision.The higher the body mass index of a person, the more likely the occurrence of obesity-related eye diseases.

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Nutrition and Eyes Problems?

The relationship of cataracts with nutrition and the environment is especially pronounced. Certain vitamins are very important for vision, such as vitamin A and Omega-3 fatty acids. If you are overweight, most likely, there is a deficiency of them, so the risk of eye diseases increases even more.

The researchers note that a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits and oily fish contains important nutrients for eye health.

It is difficult to change the approach to nutrition at a time, but macular degeneration develops slowly.So just try to gradually arrive at a healthier diet. Supplement your current diet with more leafy vegetables and increase your fish intake. 

Can being overweight even lead to blindness?

The relationship between obesity and the occurrence of eye diseases remains to be thoroughly studied, since now no one can say whether overweight people have a higher risk of blindness or not.

In Israel, the study was conducted in which there was a clear relationship between the presence of extra kgs and the severity of eye diseases, with special attention paid to precisely those diseases that often cause blindness.

Thus, it can be assumed that in many cases obesity leads to blindness or very poor vision. In addition, overweight people develop eye diseases faster than those of normal weight.

Israel researchers note in their work that despite the study of the relationship between obesity and vision, the results of the study are not widely covered, and this problem is not paid enough attention.

It is very important that the results of the study on the connection between obesity and poor vision are published and that each person can consciously assess their risks.

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Can Being Overweight Cause Eyes Problems? The Influence of Sport, Nutrition?

Sport Activities’ Influence and The Vision?

Intensive Sport Activities have an unambiguous effect on the visual system.

The most striking example of extreme cases is childbirth, when a woman at the limit of contractions can greatly worsen or temporarily lose her vision. All of this is due to excess blood pressure on the eyes.

There is even such a thing as eye pressure. The example of a woman in labor allows us to move on to strength training and very clearly understand the dangers of extreme stress on the visual system. The key word here is “marginal” or “extreme”.

If a person has initial vision problems, then you just need to slightly lower the load bar, and then the danger to the eyes disappears completely.

Moreover, the negative effects of bodybuilding on vision may not occur at all if your goal is simply to be in good physical shape, and not to win championship medals at prestigious tournaments.

The main training technique for vision problems is not to force the body to give 100%.
This can be achieved by reducing the weight of this maximum or reducing the number of repetitions. On the one hand, this advice will not allow you to reach the peak of loads and negatively affect vision, on the other hand, it will slow down the growth of muscle mass. So be prepared for your muscles to grow a little slower than a friend with good eyesight.

What Can you do to Maintain and Improve The Vision?

Of course, proper nutrition and weight loss will only benefit your eyes.

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However, vision concerns cannot be limited to weight loss alone. Health should be taken care of comprehensively, which means that nutrition should be balanced and contain all the substances the body needs, especially for vision.

Can Being Overweight Cause Eyes Problems? The Influence of Sport, Nutrition?

You need to eat fish or Omega-3 fatty acids, and also take vitamins as a dietary supplement that we do not get from our daily food.

It is even better to change your eating habits so that all the necessary substances can be obtained from food in their natural form…

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