Is Honey Ham Good for Weight Loss?

Is Honey Ham Good for Weight Loss?

I’ll never forget the time I decided to try and lose a few pounds. I was feeling a little self-conscious about my muffin top and wanted to get back into my skinny jeans. So, I hit the gym and started eating what I thought was a super healthy diet.

That’s where the honey ham came in. I figured, hey, it’s got the word “honey” in it, it must be healthy, right? Wrong. I ended up eating so much of the stuff that I actually gained weight instead of losing it.

But hey, at least I was able to rock those skinny jeans for a hot minute. Lesson learned: just because something has a healthy-sounding name doesn’t mean it’s actually good for weight loss.

The Honey Ham Dilemma

So, is honey ham actually good for weight loss? The answer isn’t quite so straightforward. It really depends on how much you’re eating and how it fits into your overall diet.

On the one hand, honey ham can be a good source of protein, which is important for building and repairing tissues and helping you feel full and satisfied. It’s also relatively low in calories, with about 70 calories per ounce.

On the other hand, honey ham is also often high in sodium and added sugars. These ingredients can contribute to water retention and weight gain, especially if you’re eating a lot of them.

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Making Honey Ham Work for You

If you’re trying to lose weight and you enjoy the occasional slice of honey ham, there are a few things you can do to make it work for you.

First, try to opt for a lower sodium variety. This will help you avoid excess water retention and bloating.

Next, make sure you’re paying attention to portion sizes. A few thin slices of honey ham can be a tasty addition to a balanced meal, but if you’re eating it by the pound, it’s probably not going to do you any favors in the weight loss department.

Finally, try to balance out your intake of honey ham with other nutritious foods. Pair it with a pile of veggies or a whole grain like quinoa to help round out the meal and add some fiber and other important nutrients.


Is honey ham a good source of protein?

Yes, honey ham can be a good source of protein. One ounce of honey ham contains about 6 grams of protein.

Is honey ham high in sodium?

Honey ham can be high in sodium, with some varieties containing over 400 milligrams of sodium per serving. This is important to keep in mind if you’re trying to watch your sodium intake or if you’re prone to water retention.

Can I eat honey ham if I’m trying to lose weight?

You can still enjoy honey ham while trying to lose weight, as long as you pay attention to portion sizes and balance it with other nutritious foods. Try to opt for a lower sodium variety and be mindful of how much you’re eating.

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The Sweet and Salty Verdict

So, is honey ham good for weight loss? It can be, as long as you’re mindful of portion sizes and balance it with other nutritious foods. Just make sure you’re paying attention to the sodium and added sugar content, and opt for a lower sodium variety if possible.

And hey, if all else fails, just remember: there’s always room for a little indulgence now and then. Just don’t make it a daily habit, and you’ll be good to go.

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