When is the Best Time to Train? What is Fasting Training?

When is the Best Time to Train? Before Eating or After?

When is the Best Time to Train? Before eating or After?

You had a hearty meal, and the workout was given with great difficulty. Or, conversely, you skipped breakfast, went for a run, and nearly fainted in hunger. Sound familiar?

I want to tell you today if it is possible to eat before the training and what is the best time to train.

Rumors or the truth?

It is believed that if you go in for sports on an empty stomach, you can lose weight faster. This is because you are supposedly burning more fat.

Others prefer to eat something sweet before training (chocolate with nuts or even a piece of cake): so, they say, the body will consume sugar and get energy from it.

When is the Best Time to Train? Before Eating or After?

Who is right?

The USA scientists in their studies explain that fasting training has a minimal effect (you will not be able to pump up and build muscle). So when you are hungry, you have from nowhere to take the strength to practice…

In addition, concentration will be lowered: you are thinking about food, and not about how to do the exercise correctly. So close to injury

So the main thing is the ratio of calories spent and eaten. So you worked out on an empty stomach, and then you will not deny yourself anything all day – and your exercises will not bring any effect.

In the scientific world, it is believed that if during training we burn more fat, then during the rest period our body will use more carbohydrates as a source of energy – and vice versa.

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Therefore, any manipulation of food before and after training for the purpose of losing weight does not make much sense.

Beneficial hormones. Testosterone

Fasting by itself cannot affect testosterone in any way. But some athletes say that there is an amazing way to get the body to produce more testosterone and growth hormone at the same time, thereby creating the ideal conditions for building muscle and burning fat: fasting + active sports!

Testosterone helps to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. In addition, it increases the level of physical strength, energy and libido, and helps in the fight against depression and heart problems in both men and women.

Exercises, especially vigorous ones, that involve multiple muscle groups (compound exercises such as barbell squats) cause large spikes in testosterone.

When is the Best Time to Train? Before Eating or After?

This is why some people like to combine exercise and fasting.

What happens to the body during exercise?

 Now I want to share the story of my friend, who did not have breakfast and went to pull the barbell. As a result, he felt dizzy, and with this barbell he almost took off crawling. Very often I can see how hunger affects the well-being of people, especially if they are not very trained…

Dizziness, nausea, weakness begin. You can also run into hypoglycemia when your blood sugar drops below normal.

If the training is light (for example, just walking), then there will be no serious consequences, but strength exercises can end in failure. Plus, exercising on an empty stomach produces a lot of cortisol, which destroys muscles instead of building them.

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In order to perform intense physical activities, such as long distance running or weight lifting, the body must burn glycogen or the carbohydrates you have stored.

If your body is running out of glycogen stores (as in a hunger state), it needs to use something else to keep it going. In this case, it is the excess fat you have accumulated.

First, the body doesn’t like to starve, and it likes to have fat stores. When you burn fat too quickly, your body changes metabolism to compensate for this loss.

After you’ve burned a certain amount of fat, your body will think it needs to store more of it the next time you eat. And this completely neutralizes all the benefits of fasting training.

Prolonged periods of fasting can lead to a decrease in metabolic rate when the body is at rest. So in such a scenario, there is no real benefit to not eating.

Exercising with a pre-snack suppresses appetite more than exercising on an empty stomach…

If you eat a large portion of carbohydrates before exercising, some of your resources will be used to digest food and be distracted from muscle work.

Blood is the body’s oxygen delivery system. A full stomach will pull all the forces onto itself, and your muscles will be left without support, which means that the likelihood of burning fat is very low.


What is the best time to train then?

Ideally, you need to eat 1.5-2 hours before class: this way you will provide the body with the necessary supply of energy.

 I advise you eating light food. It can be boiled and stewed vegetables, salads seasoned with vegetable oils, poultry. If you decided to eat meat – after lunch you need to wait at least 3 hours.

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If you haven’t had time to eat 2 hours before your class, I suggest eating something very light: an apple, a handful of nuts, a banana. They are quickly absorbed and do not remain dead weight in the stomach.

So, If you still choosing “fasting time for train” here are some useful tips…

P.s Another fact against exercising on an empty stomach is that refusing to eat can make your mood worse. I am sure that it is better to end training feeling happy and rested than unhappy and ready to kill for food.

1.You can drink more than just water. Do not be afraid to overcome your old habits and get energy from black coffee, tea, caffeine pills, creatine and other non-nutritive substances.

2.Stop fasting when you feel like it. Many people choose to eat immediately after exercise when a short fast has already taken its toll.

It doesn’t make much of a difference if you prolong your fast. Even if you exercise in the morning and do not eat until the evening, the surge of hormonal changes will last all day and prevent muscle loss.

No matter how you decide, your body will always support you

When is the Best Time to Train? Before Eating or After?

3.Fasting takes time to get used to. Our body needs to get used to the fact that it will not receive food as often as it used to. This discomfort disappears over time, but if you feel that this way of eating is not yours, then there is no need to continue. Just don’t be afraid to try it.


In conclusion, it is, of course, difficult to give a definitive answer. Everyone is different and everyone achieves the best training results in different conditions.

Telling a person how to exercise is kind of like convincing what time of day to work or what diet to follow. Everything is too individual.


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