Everything About Clear Hypoallergenic Diet…

Everything About Hypoallergenic diet...

Everything About Hypoallergenic diet…

Allergy is a condition in the body in which the immune system sees a threat in substances that are not actually dangerous to humans.

The immune system considers them to be antigens, so it begins to develop antibodies against them. During this period, a person begins to feel that the body is fighting a disease, which is manifested by unpleasant symptoms.

 Everything About Hypoallergenic diet...

Of course, in the presence of food allergies, confirmed by clinical diagnostic studies, all doctor from different countries prescribes a specialized diet. But there is also a nonspecific hypoallergenic diet approved by all doctors.

It can be observed regardless of the nature of the allergen (household, insect, medicinal, etc.) to reduce the load on the body and faster recovery. Including with atopic dermatitis, which is often exacerbated in winter period.

Main Principles of Hypoallergenic Diet?

The main principle of building a menu with a low-allergenic diet is the exclusion from the diet of foods that provoke the development of an allergic reaction.

The gradual elimination of certain foods from the diet can diagnose allergens and take measures to prevent relapse.

According to the degree of allergenicity, all products can be roughly divided into high-, medium-, and low-allergenic.

 Everything About Hypoallergenic diet...

First of all, it is necessary to exclude everything fried, smoked, salty, spicy. As well as meat and fish semi-finished products – cutlets, sausages, fishburgers, sausages, etc., since they contain a large amount of flavoring and aromatic additives, stabilizers.

Hypoallergenic Diet Menu?

The universal hypoallergenic diet for children and adults is a list of prohibited foods, a list of permitted foods, as well as a list of foods that are allowed to be consumed in limited quantities. Adults are advised to follow a strict hypoallergenic diet for two to four weeks, and children 7-10 days. Usually this time is enough for the body to cope with the signs of the disease.

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 Everything About Hypoallergenic diet...
Everything About Hypoallergenic diet…

The proposed version of a nonspecific hypoallergenic diet is good for nursing mothers, and for those who suffer from toxicosis during pregnancy, and for small children.

 Diet Prohibited Products:

  • Eggs;
  • Almost all types of fish, caviar;
  • Various hard and processed cheeses, all types of
  • Flavored yoghurts;
  • All types of smoked products ( sausages, bacon, fish, chicken, etc.);
  • Any canned and pickled foods, incl. sauerkraut;
  • All types of sauces, spices, food additives and seasonings, Especially hot ones;
  • Celery, sorrel;
  • Red and orange vegetables – tomatoes, beets, red peppers, carrots;
  • All types of red and orange fruits and berries – citrus fruits, Melons, apples (except green ones), pineapples, persimmons, Strawberries, plums, pomegranates, cherries;
  • Raisins, dried apricots, figs, dates;
  • All varieties of nuts;
  • Honey in all kinds;
  • Any mushrooms;
  • All types of chewing gum (except pharmaceutical resin);
  • Marmalade, chocolate, caramel;
  • Alcohol, coffee, cocoa;
  • Any products that contain at least one color, preservative, emulsifier or flavor that is identical to natural;

 Diet Allowed Products
The preferred method of cooking while following a hypoallergenic diet: baking, boiling, stewing with a minimum amount of oil.

Instead of coffee, drink rosehip broth, tea and a lot of still water. To control your diet, keep a food diary and write down everything you eat during the day.

List of approved products:

  • Lean beef, boiled;
  • Groats, vegetable soups (vegetarian, in secondary beef broth);
  • Olive oil, sunflower oil;
  • Boiled potatoes;
  • Porridge (buckwheat, oatmeal, rice);
  • Natural yoghurts without additives, cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk;
  • White rennet cheeses;
  • Fresh cucumbers, parsley, dill;
  • Baked apples;
  • Tea, sugar;
  • Dried fruit compote, except raisins;
  • Whole grain bread, or crispbread also.
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