Popular 5 Myths about Weight Loss?

Popular 5 Myths about Weight Loss

Popular 5 Myths about Weight Loss?

Today, losing weight has become a real obsession for modern women and men.

This topic is very common in all media, in fashion magazines, on television, on the Internet. Many sites are full of headlines about magic pills against excess weight or wonderful weight loss in a week.

Lets Talk about Main Myths About Weight Loss!

Some methods of losing weight, in addition to the fact that most often do not lead to weight loss at all, can, on the contrary, lead to weight gain, not to mention the fact that they cause many health problems.

Here are the most popular myths about weight loss that, in truth, have little to do with reality.

Popular  5 Myths about Weight Loss

Myth about Weight Loss № 1: Low-calorie Diets are the Best and Fastest Way to Lose Weight.

In fact, diets of this kind provide for an almost complete rejection of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which are energy nutritional value and provide the body with energy.

So why doesn’t a low-calorie diet work? Let’s make a small amendment first. Eating foods with a minimum number of calories, that is, adherence to a strict diet, still provides a quick loss of unnecessary kg, however, such weight loss is temporary.

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The fact is that immediately after the end of fasting or a low-calorie diet, the body, devoid of carbohydrates and proteins, begins to save energy and, instead of getting rid of adipose tissue, starts the process of its accumulation.

An additional “bonus” of such diets is a significant slowdown in metabolism, which causes even more weight gain, since it is responsible for the rate of calorie burning.

Thus, having dropped 2-3 kilograms, after stopping the diet, you can gain 5-6 at once!

Myth about Weight Loss № 2: Losing 10 kg of excess weight in two weeks is real.

Popular  5 Myths about Weight Loss

At the outset, it should be noted that you can actually lose 10 kg of excess weight in two weeks. But any rapid weight loss will only be associated with a significant loss of water from the body and a decrease in muscle mass, while adipose tissue, the reduction of which is the main goal, remains practically intact. In addition, such weight loss is a guarantee of the “yo-yo” effect, especially if it is based only on a “draconian” diet and not on exercise.

Myths about Weight Loss № 3: dietary supplements for weight loss are a quick and easy way to lose weight.

Weight loss and fat burning supplements are gaining in popularity despite constant reports of ineffectiveness or even harmful effects of such pills.

Let’s take a look at a few of the components of these drugs that have been widely credited with fat burning properties.

1.Caffeine. Caffeine alone is not effective in reducing body weight, and if it stimulates fat metabolism, its effect is usually small..

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2.Green tea extract. Green tea has little effect on speeding up fat metabolism at rest and during exercise, so, like caffeine, it may have only a small effect on fat loss.

3.Taurine (amino acid). There is no conclusive evidence that taurine stimulates adipose tissue lipolysis. 

4.Black pepper extract. There is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of piperine in this area.

The number of dietary supplements available on the market for weight loss is dynamically increasing from year to year, and the amount of scientific evidence to support their effectiveness is decreasing!

Myths about Weigh Loss № 4: Low-fat (and low-fat) foods help you lose weight.

Popular  5 Myths about Weight Loss

The myth of the weight-loss properties of low-fat foods was prevalent in the food industry for many years. And although since then it has been proven many times that in the vast majority of cases the same low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt does not affect weight loss in any way, many women continue to believe that their use will prevent them from gaining weight.

In reality, the situation is different – either weight loss does not occur, or fatty tissue deposits are even more…

Myths about Weight Loss № 5: To lose weight, you need to eliminate bread, pasta and potatoes from the diet.

Belief in the estimated calorie content of white bread, pasta, or potatoes is completely wrong because they are no more caloric than other foods found in a weight loss diet.

Naturally, if potatoes or pasta are consumed with a large amount of fatty meats, vegetable, butter, then you will not be able to lose weight. But the use of pasta and potatoes with boiled vegetables will be beneficial.

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An excellent solution is to replace white bread and regular pasta with their whole grain counterparts, which, although equally high in calories, are more saturated and rich in fiber…

 Now You know all Popular 5 Myths about Weight Loss!

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