Why am I Craving Sweets all of a Sudden?

Why Do We Want Sweets? 6 Reasons Explaining The behavior of a Sweet Tooth =)

If you cannot live a day without a chocolate, and after eating one candy, you immediately reach for the second and carve even the third, there may be a lot of reasons…

These causes can be eliminated.

And it’s not about willpower!

The Reasons Why we need too many Sweets?

Reason № 1

It is the most common reason,what is irregular nutrition.

When a person eats irregularly, takes long breaks between meals, he/she has to endure hunger longer. And at this moment you just want SOME sweets, chocolate, jam. Because a hungry body requires energy, and the simplest way to get it quickly is simple carbohydrates, or sweets.

What is the solution? It is important to establish proper regular nutrition. It is recommended to eat often and little by little – 5-6 times a day.


Why Do We Want Sweets? 6 Reasons Explaining The behavior of a Sweet Tooth =)

Reason № 2

It is the Improper eating behavior.

Most often it is formed in childhood, when parents encourage their child to be sweet for what he should do regularly.

For example: “Did your homework (did the dishes, cleaned the room, etc.)? Well done! Here’s a candy for you. “As a result, it becomes a habit, and as an adult, a person rewards himself for any well done deeds with sweets – cakes, sweets, etc.

Moreover, he/she does not always even realize that he/she is rewarding himself/herself in this way. Subjectively, a person just wants something sweet after the “works of the righteous.”

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What is the solution? It is best to consult a specialist – a psychologist, psychotherapist. After all, if a person can control the process of consuming sweets and stop in time, then the problem will not arise.

Reason № 3

It is the active work of the brain. This consumes energy very quickly. As a rule, this is the situation that students encounter during a session. Or employees with an emergency at work, when it is necessary to submit projects, reports, etc. by a certain date. (for example, accountants).

What is the solution? It is better to remove all sweets from the table so that sweets, cookies and other foods that increase the calorie content of the diet are not readily available. As a rule, such people know to themselves when they seize stress at work.

You need to follow the correct diet, and for breakfast it is advisable to eat complex carbohydrates – cereals, coarse bread, cereal crisps. They release energy slowly so that you don’t feel hungry for longer.


Why Do We Want Sweets? 6 Reasons Explaining The behavior of a Sweet Tooth =)

Reason № 4

It is an increased physical activity among athletes and adherents of physical education. The body needs to replenish very high energy costs.

The mechanism of “craving for sweets” is the same as with long breaks between meals. Only people with increased physical activity have a faster feeling of energy hunger, and then they want something sweet.

What is the solution? Eat a high-calorie, but small-volume food that can provide you with energy 30-40 minutes before a workout. For example, a few nuts, a granola bar (there are special ones for athletes), because they consist mainly of nuts, cereals, cereals, fruits or dried fruits.

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Reason № 5

It is simple depression. Explicit or hidden, for example due to long sunless weather. When the mood is not very good in the morning, it’s hard to get up, there is no desire to do anything, again, unconsciously, you want something sweet, because it contributes to the production of serotonin, the hormone of joy. But besides candy, there are other, less harmful foods that increase serotonin levels, such as bananas.

What is the solution? You can recommend replacing sweets with dried fruits. However, it is worth remembering that dried fruits are also a fairly high-calorie product and cannot be consumed without measure either.

Why am I craving sweets at night

Insufficient intake of simple carbohydrates. Most often this happens when girls want to reduce body weight and begin to spontaneously get involved in diets. Moreover, these diets are often not always correctly selected.

A very low-calorie diet is chosen and starvation occurs. Therefore, the desire for sweets is stronger.

What is the solution? In this case, it is better to consult a dietitian doctor and compose a diet with him that will help to reduce weight, but at the same time not feel hunger and eat in a balanced way, i.e. provide the body with all the necessary substances.


Why Do We Want Sweets? 6 Reasons Explaining The behavior of a Sweet Tooth =)

Reason № 7

The reason is quitting smoking. When a person loses a cigarette, he instinctively tries to occupy his hands and mouth with something else – for example, sweets. If earlier in a stressful situation he grabbed a cigarette, now he reaches for sweets. As a result, one bad habit replaces another.

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What is the solution? 

In this situation, you can advise yourself to find another way to occupy your hands and mouth, for example, a hand expander and at the same time count the squeezes out loud. And the muscles will be pumped up, and you will not have to abuse sweets.